Chat Find App Marketing

Large coverage on project types for Chat Find. Based from responsive design requirements according to stats and audience response. Stats gathered weekly from fabric and app store and reported to team for weekly review. Here is a few of the design work responsibilities laid out.

App Store Screens - Template look created for UI screens to go in app store

Promotional Flyers - Double sided flyers for print, designed for promotional marketing at a Decorex event.

Social Media - Facebook & Twitter - Social media material created based on requirements for running campaigns of the week.

Google ads - Generic template setup used for running weekly google campaigns. Google ads responsibility consisted of strategising, Design, scheduling and optimising for best results on designated budget for mobile app adverts for downloads.

Email signature - Basic template for in office staff mail footers.

Email Campaign - Email campaign template. These emails are scheduled to go out app users. Weekly mails on app tips or notifications on features & how to use them.