Over the years this has been one of those interesting discussions. These skills i maintained over the years have become a result of me studying to become a professional designer for work and enjoying the evolving skill adaptation to fit the market. While maintaining a strong passion and growth in photography as a side career at the same time. Both skills tend to overlap and benefit each other in the most exciting ways


My side business I have been actively involved in since 2014. I have been in love with photography since the age of 16 thanks to having small shoot and point camera hand me downs from my dad. Through working as a designer i took night classes in order to take photography on a more serious and professional level and grown my kit through the years.

Currently shooting mostly with off camera speed lights which gives me great flexibility on what location i shoot at if strobe is needed. I shoot with my trusty Canon 7D mkii , great photo’s is all in the lighting :).  As a photographer the subject will always be my main priority as without them being at ease on a shoot there is no ways a photographer can get the right shot. I take pride in making my team or subject at ease in the process of a shoot. With noting my broad genre experience i would say my passion lies in portraiture and telling the story of the subject through an impactful image.


Just coming from a small startup App company i originally got to explore the marketing field with social media ads and email campaign building and strategising. Afterwords i got to migrate to App UI with some basic UX logistics work. Here i got the opportunity to learn on the job while picking up from previous designers and working closely with the dev team. It had been a long time goal of mine to work with the raw design of the app industry. So this had definitely been one of the highlights of the app industry.

Experience in digital magazine design and implication. This involves me doing layout & UI design work. I would communicate with client to build a relationship on how to meet their requirements while consulting with creative director. When not working on digital magazine i work on print magazines for JD group or other digital startup campaign work. This involves skills from design, layout, videography, photography, coding, wordpress, using various required adobe software.

I also code & design Emailers with using a local mailer system called Everlytics for mass mails.
Done occasional freelance of logo to business card design, this would then branch out to other platforms of media required for client. Resulting in a corporate identity build up.
In a nutshell i am skilled for digital design & understand the concepts to print design & importance of layout.