lapelle E Magazine - Digital Design

QUANTUM PUBLISHERS ASSIGNMENT – AS A DIGITAL DESIGNER. Lapelle digital magazine is an online magazine published for Lamelle Research Laboratories. My role in this project would involve layout, UI , Emailers, system development & execution. From dealing with the technical execution of working in WordPress, and communicating with the developer to set-up the project and web-related requirements, to managing emailing systems with multiple subscriber databases. My creative contribution involves page layout with design element consideration, emailers and videography. All movies in the magazine I have edited in After Effects. This project is a large development involving producing new skill sets.

EXAMPLE OF PAGES ON ONLINE INTERFACE - this interface is updated by wordpress once interactive swf files are exported from indesign.


SPA SPECIALS POSTERS - designed for print

VIDEO EDITING IN AFTER EFFECTS - uploaded and managed via YouTube account. Watch video onine
here: Bright eyes , Lets Twist

EMAILERS - composed using HTML and Everlytics emailing online. Click to view online emailer 

FACEBOOK PAGE - Continue campaign look for social media