Group Announce App

TRYCODE RESPONSIBILITIES - AS DESIGNER. With position shift to leading designer in the company. Group announce was one of the apps i was be tasked to do design for. Below is some of the work produced for group messaging app - Group Announce.

APP ICON & LOGO - App icon designed and tested on mobile platforms with use of sketch. Brief to use megaphone as a symbol to represent announce concept of the app. Logo design included forming part of the CI. 

CHAT INTERFACE DESIGN - With consideration of how user interacts with the app, assignment WAs to create differentiation between chat types. Keeping the group leader highlighted at all times - while making it obvious to see when your own chat bubble is posted or up if you are not the group leader. Left screen you are viewing from a group leader perspective. Right screen is from a group participant perspective

AP STORE SCREENS - Template look created for UI screens to go in app store. 

WEBSITE DESIGN - Temporary website design for given WordPress template. Website is designed for early stages of product, to provide basic information of product for new incoming users.