Viral Vote App

TRYCODE RESPONSIBILITIES - AS DESIGNER. Brand new app released Nov 2016, responsibilities began with marketing aspect and branding revamp. Got the opportunity to work on the interface design extensively with its exciting new features that have released

LUCKY DRAW – INTERFACE After a photo competition is complete with winner, game players get to play a lucky draw for being a lucky loser or liker. The draw determines a winner once played.


PRE CREATE COMPETITION When users create a competition for the first time, this three step swipe through guide informs them about the process.

LOGO REVAMP Along with the style guide clean up old branding (logo application) needed a clean up to fit app platforms and deliverables.

SOCIAL MEDIA POSTING TEMPLATE SETUP Social media plan for Viral Vote is based on encouraging users to compete on app competitions. Placed template design structure for posting material to keep branding tight.