Tuscany Virtual

Tuscany Virtual

Reconnecting with Tuscany , i asked her if she wanted to try out doing a virtual photoshoot. These were taken while some people were allowed to go back to work . The rules of how to practice in a work environment were being learnt by all in the age of the #newnormal .

These images were taken in Tuscany’s bedroom that she grew up in , this is where she has been spending lockdown when usually hustling the City Life. The Painterly look of these imagery is absolutely a result i was not expecting. But i absolutely fell in love with.

If you would like to try out a periodic virtual photoshoot just drop me a message. It honestly is the safest way to do a photoshoot and entirely lots of fun. 

Two hours vanished for the both of us as we had so much fun doing what we love while sharing our creativity with one another. No Tripod involved , just lots of co-ordination and communication.

I really look forward to catching up in person with Tuscany once again ! 

Tuscany Virtual

Keen to try out a virtual photoshoot yourself ?
Why not pop me a message, we can have fun in the safety of your own home. Some feel good vibes and create some unforgettable imagery that you will cherish !

Tuscany Virtual

I absolutely love the contrast in these two looks, we chatted before entering the virtual shoot online, about what we could use in the bedroom & wardrobe options. Both looks were shot in the same room! 🙂

Added Tuscany did do her own hair and makeup , which looked absolutely perfect for the shoot. I hope you enjoy these imagery as much as i have making them. 

Model : Tuscany  / @tuscany_rhys
Photography & Retouching : Miss Hepburn Photography / @miss__hepburn

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