Virtual Photography

A first attempt at shooting virtual so the style of photography may definitely look different, shew ok i got over that fear…

Although i can see some areas that will need some practice. After starting the year with a really busy schedule moving apartments and running strait into lockdown , the inability to photograph another person and the reality of not knowing when a ‘normal shoot’ per say, would be able to take place again had become pretty daunting.

Shooting Virtual feels like that crack of light in hope that is needed in a very grey looking 2020.


It is periodic , and something brand new entirely. I decided to test some avenues with Virtual , after doing some research i discovered there was a few techniques and approaches to virtual i needed to consider.

Before diving head first into my shoot details , i want to shout out to my fantastic model and friend who happens also to be a performance artist of extraordinary talents in Johannesburg.  You can see more about Alana on these various platforms below, she even offers fitness classes online.
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First off how do i capture my image , would it be a screen shot , or a photograph of my screen, another option is where photographers guide the model to take the photograph and then send the raws to the photographer for selection to be made.

The pro’s and cons vary on each option, from image size to the sharpness of the image and control on the shoot itself. In particular i was against a screen shot capture because it means next to no information in order for me to retouch. Added, here in South Africa most people cannot afford the top of the line iphone.

This meant for me i would dive into photographing my screen with my DSLR. Quite simply put – i setup my DSLR on a tripod and photographed my laptop screen for the first look. Then i decided to photograph my tablet for the second look. This way i could compare devices results. Some togs have even tried the route of photographing their cell phone screens. 

This is the thing with virtual – you are going to have to test your options, there is no two ways about it. So once you are comfortable with your own setup the next step is the model on the other side of the screen. Now you will have no control on what your models device is, also consider the internet and connectivity. 

Think about it much like buying film for your camera, and how all these elements will effect the style of your photograph. And have Patience , have all the patience with your model and most importantly yourself as a photographer. I find it thrilling that Alana was in Johannesburg while i was in Cape Town during this shoot. 


It is a new way of shooting for everyone , i myself was nervous because i don’t usually work with natural light and with virtual basically have no choice. Creatives learn as we evolve so i considered it as a challenge accepted !

So once you have tested your options at home remember who ever you are photographing on the other side is going to need some guidance as well. Together you can look at options on the location your model has access too and what kind of device setup options , so be prepared to get chatty on all the nitty gritty details. What i did is i listed out everything on a note pad , just to be sure i asked all the right questions.

> Such as photos of where the model is isolated.
– once you have these photos it will help you get an idea on what you could photograph before shooting
> Time of day regarding sunlight.
> Get an idea on what phone capabilities the model has. (Alana was able to setup her phone on a tripod so that helped!)
> Remember you do need time before you start shooting to chat to your model and get a feel for the location. 

Once you start shooting just trust the process.


I personally love to guide my model during a shoot , so doing this virtually is an ice breaker because i just end up laughing because it is completely out of my comfort zones and breaks my normal routine for a shoot setup.

A fun challenge i am really glad i gave it a go and would love to try again. And a massive thank you to Alana for being so incredible for this shoot, it made my sunday and we both ended the day with smiles on our faces , with  these current times is an incredibly uplifting thing to be feeling to say.

@alana_red.fury  @sapphire_flex

 – A little rough BTS screen shot on what i look like shooting in my room during virtual. 🙂