Keeping up with the social mad lands.

Yay! Not only did i finally figure out how to fix my blog section, but i am writing stuff down again. So my posts will take a bit of a different direction as i have decided i will write about things i think about in the creative relm i work in, or what ever ticks my mind honestly. A short update of the past year i have been working for an app company for the past year. Amongst other things social media is one of the responsibilities i hold.

So on the hot topic of social media, this is only something i got into as if you want to have success as a photographer having a social media presence is pretty dam important. So when my boss called me the social media guru in the office laughed, coz honestly i still think im far from it.

this all writers are familiar with, as i know for a fact i am not one. Determining my voice is always impossible, do i sound professional enough, or do i remind my audience im a human? OR are my posts interesting at all? If your like me i just miss posting random junk … i need to do more random.

Now when it comes to interaction its really important you interact with your followers, so this can be hard as well as easy. To be frank this is why i like to meet the people i interact with on social media, i have zero time all the time and i care way to much what i say? Geez man. BUT i also frikken love to procrastinate and space out for my brain to breath HELLO TUMBLR *chuckles*

All the aps!
There is a mad amount of platforms to be on now days, i remember when i was working for myself full time i could make time to update all platforms ‘man was i bored or something?’ Lets list all the crazy platfroms i know i have a profile on … prepare yourself o_o
Facebook, twitter, Instagram – the obvious. Then theres Pintrest , google +, you tube, tumblr , Snapchat, Behance, linked in, deviant Art. .. aaand thats what i can think of for now.
See if your like me you run into your first problem of gee where do i even keep up? I know theres repost software to share on multiple platforms but i hate how robotic one sounds – and why ? Im stubborn yeah.

This pretty much is why i have run into the problem of not enjoying social platforms anymore. Just feels like a massive keeping up with the human race nonsense. Discussion groups & what is currently going down so it looks like i don’t hate people D: . Plus i now do it for work on top of having my own profile i just get all o_o :<

On top of all of this, i have truly began to appreciate the power of writers, they are about some of the best people at managing all of this. ย Social media is still fun don’t get me wrong. I guess i get way to caught up with what kind off message i am trying to send to my audience. Here’s to letting go and being more me, boom!

Why should you Boudoir?


So here it is, why should someone do a boudoir photo-shoot.

For every person doing a Boudoir photo shoot it is a personal reason. From my side personally i believe it is an uplifting personal experience. People today are surrounded by media as commonly understood, with the likes of Facebook its always hard to keep up with the Jones’s. So if you feel like life just wants to kick you down this is a experience of transformation and self beauty awareness.You get the chance to discover just how beautiful you are presented to yourself. With the simple unique tool, your body – our beautiful bodies are the most under valued tool of life which then effects us psychologically.

So therapeutic is a big factor. Something else and probably my favorite is the transforming side. This has always been a big thing for me. The few times in a woman’s life this happens is her matric dance and wedding day. On the day of your boudoir you get to have a bit of celebrity day transformation all for yourself. Make up , wardrobe, pamper, pamper … So there’s allot to be exited about.

Now when it comes to getting your special someone a gift your running a blank with ideas. We have all done the lingerie or bake up a storm idea. Even going out to a lovely restaurant – it is very hard to be spontaneous when you’ve been in a long relationship. This is why i would highly recommend a Boudoir session. The great thing on doing a boudoir session with Miss Hepburn Photography (me ๐Ÿ™‚ ) is you can get your pictures bounded into a book. So the gift will be given in a form of a book and fears of leaking photo’s onto the web are all gone!

Another great tip for the single and loving it ladies is getting a session done with a girl friend or two. Now each lady can take a turn in front of the camera while sipping on some bubbly and giggling away. Remember if you want to wear a blanket or over-sized shirt that’s fine its not all about how much skin you can show, as the beautiful you can be shown without you having to bare it all.

I hope this motivates you to bucket list a boudoir shoot one day in the future if not now ๐Ÿ˜‰

Socials ?

IMG_5799 copy

Boudoir Myths

IMG_5799 copy

So your not sure about Boudoir but you’re surely are intrigued by the subject.

Your hit in the face by these myths that i think is important to put out on the table and discuss.

1# Boudoir is about porn and very tacky:

No its not, its about showing in a tasteful classy way how beautiful a woman is weather she is wearing lingerie or not. Your photographers portfolio should give you an idea of what type of end product they have to offer. I am always inspired by my clients individuality and what we are working with on set – weather its little props like jewelry or furniture.

2# this is only for skinny or fit women who are most likely supermodels.

Big NO! Boudoir is made for all shapes and sizes. The surprising truth is that even the professional models are allot more ordinary than you think. Sure so you think but their photogenic and know what they are doing. Try not to panic to much because i will guide you when were shooting. I understand what works in a photo and what is not so flattering on the body.


3# I have to be naked or wear lingerie

Most certainly not, If you would like to wear a large jersey or be wrapped up in bedding sheets it is entirely up to you on what you want to wear. This is your shoot, so if you have something in mind we can always discuss personal preferences. How brave you want to be on set is a entirely up to you.

4# Boudoir is for your significant other

Yes it is a fantastic gift idea, but this does not mean its not an option for single ladies. In-fact I’ve had a client who came in from a recently bad breakup. The shoot made her feel so much better about herself as a women. Boudoir is very self pampering, like the effects of a spa session as it leaves you with a feel good end result. It is all about you and feeling good about yourself as person as you create self recognition on your very important tool of life – your body.

5# Boudoir is dangerous

Really? Surely if you or a friend went to some dodgy photographer i completely understand this fear. Remember its about professionalism – unfortunately you do get cheepie photographers out there that make a bad reputation of this profession. If you come to me these images are completely a private matter between us. My imagery don’t go online without clients permission. We can either shoot in your home or my private studio. With me its always about keeping you at comfort and ease. I work with a female team and when i say that its usually me & the make up artist. If it makes you feel better to bring a female friend with that’s perfectly fine.

I hope this clears up all those funny thoughts that you’ve had, if theres any questions or concerns about doing a boudoir your most welcome to ask me.

You can see more of my boudoir collection on Pintrest ๐Ÿ™‚

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