Why should you Boudoir?


So here it is, why should someone do a boudoir photo-shoot.

For every person doing a Boudoir photo shoot it is a personal reason. From my side personally i believe it is an uplifting personal experience. People today are surrounded by media as commonly understood, with the likes of Facebook its always hard to keep up with the Jones’s. So if you feel like life just wants to kick you down this is a experience of transformation and self beauty awareness.You get the chance to discover just how beautiful you are presented to yourself. With the simple unique tool, your body – our beautiful bodies are the most under valued tool of life which then effects us psychologically.

So therapeutic is a big factor. Something else and probably my favorite is the transforming side. This has always been a big thing for me. The few times in a woman’s life this happens is her matric dance and wedding day. On the day of your boudoir you get to have a bit of celebrity day transformation all for yourself. Make up , wardrobe, pamper, pamper … So there’s allot to be exited about.

Now when it comes to getting your special someone a gift your running a blank with ideas. We have all done the lingerie or bake up a storm idea. Even going out to a lovely restaurant – it is very hard to be spontaneous when you’ve been in a long relationship. This is why i would highly recommend a Boudoir session. The great thing on doing a boudoir session with Miss Hepburn Photography (me 🙂 ) is you can get your pictures bounded into a book. So the gift will be given in a form of a book and fears of leaking photo’s onto the web are all gone!

Another great tip for the single and loving it ladies is getting a session done with a girl friend or two. Now each lady can take a turn in front of the camera while sipping on some bubbly and giggling away. Remember if you want to wear a blanket or over-sized shirt that’s fine its not all about how much skin you can show, as the beautiful you can be shown without you having to bare it all.

I hope this motivates you to bucket list a boudoir shoot one day in the future if not now 😉

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