Ring light Beauty

Beauty series taken at ‘Make it Bright’ Make up students class.
With about 10 minutes to spare per look for shoot, the setup remains simple with a make up chair and constant Ring light for taking photo’s. Ring lights are really great for catch lights in the eyes. Also, with being a constant light you know what you are getting while shooting. The only catch is this light can be a bit of a hassle to reposition when changing angles, so when there is minimal time to shoot it can be a challenge. Otherwise i can definitely see why the ring beauty light is a popular choice for low budget simple setups.

Scroll through below to see various results – Images are retouched.

















Model: Devon Julia
MUA: Make it Bright













Left to right
Model: Nataliia
MUA: Make it Bright Student

Model: Lisa
MUA: Make it Bright

3) Model: Milana
MUA: Make it Bright Student

















Model: Savannah
MUA: Make it Bright Student

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