Bon Bon


Latest series with this classically elegant beauty , this is one of those shoots i have been eyeballing the location for some time. And then it finally came to me what perfect setup could be done at this beautiful spot. No other than the classically elegant Burlesque Beauty the ‘ Bon Bon ‘ herself.

Bon Bon Burlesque

On a personal note : with it being a very challenging year to face for everyone , i would like to thank for the continued support from the bottom of my heart. I know with it being an emotionally stressful year it definitely has challenged aspects of being a photographic artist on a whole new level.
I have faith that we will rise above it all. As i have learnt that not only does a Phoenix rise from the ashes , but a Phoenix can rise over again.

Bon Bon Burlesque

Here we got to explore some incredible looks i adore with the truly elegant Bon Bon. This local talented burlesque lady is one of many performers that has been hard at work defying the challenges of a Pandemic via Virtual shows. Never forget to support your local artists where you can  – i am always a biggie on this one ! 🙂 

Bon Bon Burlesque

The sheer elegance with the unforgettable Bon Bon. What an absolute pleasure It was to work with this talented local burlesque lady. 💞

Thank you so much to @betty_behave and @alekdoeshair for letting us invade your most inviting home.

Image and team Credits :
Subject : @bonbonburly
MUA : @amberleealexander
Tattoos : @milomrluckymarcer
Photography & Retouch : @miss__hepburn



Charlie Void

Here is a series done in my current home photographic studio setup, it is always fantastic getting to re unite with Charlie void
[ Glam-Pop Artist👩🏻‍🎤| Singer-Songwriter] .
Here we got to get together for Charlie’s publicity shoot on the latest single release You & Me.

One of the things i enjoy most about people returning in front of my lense, will always be the growth of confidence in front of the lense. First times on set is daunting , for all but seeing the experience grow over time is really where its at. It takes practice and before you know it where all just having a great time! 

I hope you enjoy this stunning set as much as i did!
A fantastic stylist and MUA was really the key to help build such a stunning series with multiple looks.
Credits to team involved:

Creative light setups are perfect to highlight personality.

Team Credit :
Subject : @charlievoid_official
MUA : @clanelleburger
Stylist : @bailey_wants_some_fries
Photography & Retouching : @miss__hepburn

Tuscany Virtual

Tuscany Virtual

Tuscany Virtual

Reconnecting with Tuscany , i asked her if she wanted to try out doing a virtual photoshoot. These were taken while some people were allowed to go back to work . The rules of how to practice in a work environment were being learnt by all in the age of the #newnormal .

These images were taken in Tuscany’s bedroom that she grew up in , this is where she has been spending lockdown when usually hustling the City Life. The Painterly look of these imagery is absolutely a result i was not expecting. But i absolutely fell in love with.

If you would like to try out a periodic virtual photoshoot just drop me a message. It honestly is the safest way to do a photoshoot and entirely lots of fun. 

Two hours vanished for the both of us as we had so much fun doing what we love while sharing our creativity with one another. No Tripod involved , just lots of co-ordination and communication.

I really look forward to catching up in person with Tuscany once again ! 

Tuscany Virtual

Keen to try out a virtual photoshoot yourself ?
Why not pop me a message, we can have fun in the safety of your own home. Some feel good vibes and create some unforgettable imagery that you will cherish !

Tuscany Virtual

I absolutely love the contrast in these two looks, we chatted before entering the virtual shoot online, about what we could use in the bedroom & wardrobe options. Both looks were shot in the same room! 🙂

Added Tuscany did do her own hair and makeup , which looked absolutely perfect for the shoot. I hope you enjoy these imagery as much as i have making them. 

Model : Tuscany  / @tuscany_rhys
Photography & Retouching : Miss Hepburn Photography / @miss__hepburn

Fabric Masks

Taken a few weeks back it spurred on me i could grab some imagery of these beautiful masks my friend has been making.

Where could you get such amazing masks ?

Disastar By Design – Well known performance artist & incredible costumier in the local burlesque industry. On order by request subject of what fabric is available.

R50 for three layers mask (First Two) – A personal fav
R30 for Pleated Face Mask (Last Image)

Taken in my back yard , tree off cuts were used for the back drop. This was done on a sunday so no intensive styling at this point. We were only just allowed to start walking in public in the morning hours after all.

In the end what was just for the sake of being creative turned into something share worthy. Wearing masks can absolutely compliment your wardrobe !

Photography & Editing : Miss Hepburn Photography
Model my amazing Husband : Christian Witts

Virtual Photography

A first attempt at shooting virtual so the style of photography may definitely look different, shew ok i got over that fear…

Although i can see some areas that will need some practice. After starting the year with a really busy schedule moving apartments and running strait into lockdown , the inability to photograph another person and the reality of not knowing when a ‘normal shoot’ per say, would be able to take place again had become pretty daunting.

Shooting Virtual feels like that crack of light in hope that is needed in a very grey looking 2020.

It is periodic , and something brand new entirely. I decided to test some avenues with Virtual , after doing some research i discovered there was a few techniques and approaches to virtual i needed to consider.

Before diving head first into my shoot details , i want to shout out to my fantastic model and friend who happens also to be a performance artist of extraordinary talents in Johannesburg.  You can see more about Alana on these various platforms below, she even offers fitness classes online.
@alana_red.fury –
@sapphire_flex  –
Patreon Account :

First off how do i capture my image , would it be a screen shot , or a photograph of my screen, another option is where photographers guide the model to take the photograph and then send the raws to the photographer for selection to be made.

The pro’s and cons vary on each option, from image size to the sharpness of the image and control on the shoot itself. In particular i was against a screen shot capture because it means next to no information in order for me to retouch. Added, here in South Africa most people cannot afford the top of the line iphone.

This meant for me i would dive into photographing my screen with my DSLR. Quite simply put – i setup my DSLR on a tripod and photographed my laptop screen for the first look. Then i decided to photograph my tablet for the second look. This way i could compare devices results. Some togs have even tried the route of photographing their cell phone screens. 

This is the thing with virtual – you are going to have to test your options, there is no two ways about it. So once you are comfortable with your own setup the next step is the model on the other side of the screen. Now you will have no control on what your models device is, also consider the internet and connectivity. 

Think about it much like buying film for your camera, and how all these elements will effect the style of your photograph. And have Patience , have all the patience with your model and most importantly yourself as a photographer. I find it thrilling that Alana was in Johannesburg while i was in Cape Town during this shoot. 


It is a new way of shooting for everyone , i myself was nervous because i don’t usually work with natural light and with virtual basically have no choice. Creatives learn as we evolve so i considered it as a challenge accepted !

So once you have tested your options at home remember who ever you are photographing on the other side is going to need some guidance as well. Together you can look at options on the location your model has access too and what kind of device setup options , so be prepared to get chatty on all the nitty gritty details. What i did is i listed out everything on a note pad , just to be sure i asked all the right questions.

> Such as photos of where the model is isolated.
– once you have these photos it will help you get an idea on what you could photograph before shooting
> Time of day regarding sunlight.
> Get an idea on what phone capabilities the model has. (Alana was able to setup her phone on a tripod so that helped!)
> Remember you do need time before you start shooting to chat to your model and get a feel for the location. 

Once you start shooting just trust the process.


I personally love to guide my model during a shoot , so doing this virtually is an ice breaker because i just end up laughing because it is completely out of my comfort zones and breaks my normal routine for a shoot setup.

A fun challenge i am really glad i gave it a go and would love to try again. And a massive thank you to Alana for being so incredible for this shoot, it made my sunday and we both ended the day with smiles on our faces , with  these current times is an incredibly uplifting thing to be feeling to say.

@alana_red.fury  @sapphire_flex

 – A little rough BTS screen shot on what i look like shooting in my room during virtual. 🙂

Bia – We Create

Bia – Here we shall create
Getting back together with a long time friend, here we spent a day in studio making creative pieces together as creative artists. At first i was in a bit of a panic as we don’t often manage to find the time to create so freely together with our busy schedules. Obviously this means my brain jumps through all the ideas i can possibly imagine as i want to make the most of it, a typical thing where creatives end up pushing ourselves ;).
Iv’e been very lucky to know Bia for quite some years now, so when we shoot we tend to catch up on lost time as well. This lovely lady arrives with her make up kit and some giant leaves and opens up a can of idea’s to cross over with what we have been chatting about previously. I was crazy excited to experiment with building a set once again, as i have been focusing on keeping shoots simple – but i do love to indulge into the creative aspect of a studio setup when ever i get the opportunity.

Please enjoy! And if you want to see just how silly i get on set scroll to the bottom for some behind the scenes. 😀 

First Look:
Bia / My Intention 

Little Harlequin

Second Look / Earth Child
“Give her that freedom and she will love you forever.”








Behind the scenes snippets of what things look like in real life 😀

Artist & MUA : Bia / The Little Harlequin

Photography & Retouching Miss Hepburn Photography


Desi In Studio

Desi In Studio

Recent setup done in a studio setting with Desi. Taken on one of those rainy days where you barely see the sun. A reminder why i always love that the laws of nature never get in the way of working in studio.

Going for two looks in this photoshoot, on the first look i wanted to create a simple single light setup to go with a more simple look. As you can tell by this series i experimented with the elements of filters while shooting. The blue filter was to bring in the continuation of my models hair in the set.

With the second look i went for a red filter and added my classic blue gel. You can see in this look there is my favourite go-to of pulling colour elements together to create a completed look.
With the second look i got more experimental with angles and composition in what essentially is a very minimalist setup.

Backdrop used for this series: Savage Charcoal Grey from Sunshine Co Rental
Model: Desi
Photography & Retouching: Miss Hepburn

Image series taken in home studio setup.
Light Setup: Combination of Octobox diffuser & Honey Comb directional gel light.

Bangkok City With Sally

I got the fantastic opportunity to go back to Thailand once again ‘the land of smiles’.
Being our second time in this country we made sure to be more like locals this time round and stay for quite a bit longer.

Knowing the country from the last time we visited three years ago, i was lucky enough to organise a photoshoot with Sally through some great connections & friends. Once linked up we searched location ideas online and brain stormed the type of shots we wanted.

Being used to shooting in Cape Town South Africa a majority of the time, this was quite a great experience, and definitely one for the books. We started shooting in Yodpiman Flower Market, in Peak Summer with all the humidity one could imagine. The locals were incredibly welcoming and inviting when shooting amongst the flower stalls. From that point we caught a taxi to the Train station, even though the City is fulled with endless photographic opportunities , i underestimated how long it would take to get from point A to B.
Remembering i chose to shoot after sunset, this was because the night lights are truly beautiful and knowing how safe Bangkok can be in the right areas. There was many different scenes to play around with.

If anyone would like to shoot in a country they have never been to before, my tip on location would be to try and familiarise yourself with your surroundings. I walked around the flower market an hour before shoot began to get an idea of what would work for shots.
Social Media is great for getting an idea before hand – but you will know as soon as you see it with your own eye’s what will work for your shooting style.

Here’s a preview on some of the shots i managed to get in Bangkok City With Sally.

Taken by National Stadium BTS Skytrain.

Special thanks to those who made this shoot possible:

Ciska & Beam for linking me up with Sally!
Sally for being an incredible energy.
And my husband Chris for always being my loyal assistant and a part of the magical adventure.

Fox in studio - Miss Hepburn Photography

Fox in studio

Reunited with a good friend of mine, we always have the best times shooting together. 

When creating a mood-board for this photoshoot, i wanted to play with  aspects of bold clean lines and cold tones to compliment the androgynous aesthetics of the shoot. I particularly loved the challenge in simplicity with this theme, focusing on the basics to get a strong shot.  Lighting wise i stuck to my go-to one light to the side setup, very much Rembrandt lighting. Primarily this lighting is all about shadows for me, which for me helps in getting strong shots.

With the blue gel sneaking in on the third look once again. I am clearly having fun implementing gels where i can. I did struggle settle on a color at first for the gel, but thats just my typical indecisiveness of choosing something that fits perfectly.

Look 1

Fox in studio - Miss Hepburn Photography

Fox in studio - Miss Hepburn Photography

Look 2

Fox in studio - Miss Hepburn Photography


Look 3 – Here you can see i brought out my colour gel trick.

Fox in studio - Miss Hepburn Photography

Fox in studio - Miss Hepburn Photography










What a great fun it was to put this set together, never a dull moment!

Credits to the great team involved –
Model: Fox B 
MUA: Kallen Townsend / @kontouredbykallen
Images processed with Infinite Color Panel & Fine Art Actions in Photoshop.

Nels in studio

Going Lolita
– using a coral Back drop hired from sunshine co.
This photoshoot was originally inspired by the Lolita look, which turned into taking advantage of the pink tones coming from the coral backdrop.

Mixing wardrobe options and playing with looks, super happy with the results from this series!


Credits –

Model: Cornelia
Make Up: Clanelle Burger
Photography & Retouching : Miss Hepburn Photography